Entry #4

Update/Crazy Stuff

2017-09-20 00:03:39 by Joolz125

Hello Fellow Humans!

Just posting an update for all of you that semi-care about my life or w/e. Sooo I began building my new computer because all of the parts came in, and I almost got it done in 2 days (Never built one before so that's why it took so long), but right before I was gonna put in my 1080 Ti, I realised it actually didn't look like a 1080 Ti, and that's why I am updating you now... They somehow thought a 950 was a 1080 Ti, and the funny thing is that it even came in a 1080 Ti box. I bought it from Amazon because it was the cheapest there. So I returned it and it should be arriving soon so I can play flash games on super 16k quality lol. Long story short they really messed my order up, like really really bad.

And also a good crazy thing happened just recently. Literally the TomFulp (Creator of NG, the site you're reading this on) liked one of my songs and now follows me. Like, I'm just lost for words right now. But if you're reading this Tom, thank you for the likes and follow, I don't wanna fangirl too hard but I just think that's crazy.

Anyway thank you all for listening to my not that well mixed music, it really means a lot to me. If I somehow ever grow futher into making better music, I will never forget where I started, nor will I stop posting here (Unless I die or this site is taken down of course).

Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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